oilpaintings by cheryl Doran

The style of painting I do is realism done in oil. I found from an early age this style gives me a lot of challenges especially when I started painting from black and white photos or from old newspaper clippings of scenery. I wanted to see how far I could go with it and curious on how it would come out. Being self taught I am still learning new techniques.

Through the years, I noticed my perspective has changed and my paintings reflect it. That helps me when I do a painting from a photo. It lets me add my own creativity to the painting.

After doing this for forty some years or more, now I belong to a couple of local art clubs. I have entered local juried art events and also have shown my paintings in galleries. I have won several people choice awards and judge award. I have entered N. O. A. P. S. international on line exhibits and placed in the top 150 best artist list three times as of now.